I am a Parisian born visual artist, art teacher, photographer and self taught graphic designer.

I graduated in Arts  from Paris Sorbonne University and following these formative years, I started to run multi generational art workshops where I shared my passion for mixed media, mail art and abstract expressionism. I define myself as an explorer: from curio cabinet display to abstract calligraphy and graffiti, my obsession with books, typography, assemblage and urban landscape have shaped my journey as an artist.

My work has been seen in major exhibitions in Paris, Genève, Nimes, and Uzès. 

 In the late 90s, I opened my Art school and private Showroom in the south of France: Casa Firenze. The venue developed quickly and evolved into a unique environment, offering an unconventional approach to multidisciplinary teaching, putting up Contemporary Art Fairs and live events.

Casa Firenze was renowned nationwide for its vibrant creativity and locally recognized for its major contribution to the artistic life of the community.  

In January 2007, I made the decision to leave France and immigrated to Canada with my husband and 3 children. Today, I live and work  in Ottawa. 

My aesthetic is deeply rooted in the grunge graphic design style that emerged in the 80s and developed into the 90s. 

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